The treatment was excellent. Great expertise in use of local anesthetic to extract a molar that had given two previous dentists problems. The extraction itself was remarkably quick and painless. The doctors are very pleasant people to deal with.

WhatClinic.com patient

The dentist explained to me really well the procedure she did and what caused the problem. She was very nice and I didn’t have to set up an appointment to go there. Will definitely come back to the clinic.

WhatClinic.com patient

Excellent consultation and treatment. Living permanently in Davao, in the future I always will go there. I am German and I do not know the terminology in English. But they explained all the steps of treatment in a language I understand.

German ko, nag-puyo permanente sa Davao. Wala ko nag-kasabot ang mga sulti sa dentists terminology ininglish. Pero pasabton, kay Binisaya ang ilang sinultihan pod. Salamat!

Ich kann die Klinik bestens empfehlen. Das wichtigste bei einer Zahnbehandlung ist für mich, Vertrauen zu den behandelnden Ärzten zu haben. Ich bin ein Problempatient bei Zahnbehandlungen. Die Fachkenntnis und die mitfühlende Art haben mich auch eine komplizierte mehrstündige Behandlung gut überstehen lassen. Danke!

WhatClinic.com patient

They made it less traumatic for me. I really don’t like going to a dentist, but they were able to provide me with amazing services worth the pay. Going to come back for another dental work. 😉

WhatClinic.com patient

Treatment is excellent! Painless. Rapport – very, very friendly and pleasant. They make you feel at home. Punctuality – on time. Explanations – clear, simple and with illustration. Setting of appointment is quick and easy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CLINIC. THE DENTISTS ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL! I made the right choice. So, thanks to this site.

WhatClinic.com patient

Excellent treatment. Skilled and friendly, I’ll come again. My husband is a client, too and we are absolutely content.

Mrs. Bernape,
WhatClinic.com patient

Proper payment for an expert and skilled job. I patronized and am very content.

Mr. Bernape,
WhatClinic.com patient